Saturday, December 17, 2005

Revirgination. Not as easy as it sounds...

Thought the only way to reclaim your virginity was to buy a book and remain celibate for an extended period of time? Oh, not so my friends.

For a couple grand, you can now have your hymen surgically restore. A couple dissovlable stitches, a few weeks recovery time and it's like "nothing every happened". Hymenoplasty -- sounds appetizing, doesn't it? According to the Wall Street Journal, in the world of vaginal surgery the hymenoplasty business is booming.

Apparently it works just like it did when you were a teen -- the membrane tears causing pain and bleeding. Hm. Pain and bleeding. You know, when I think back on all of the sexual experiences I've had, the one I want to relive is the one when where I experienced vaginal PAIN AND BLEEDING.

Why would anyone want do go through such a procedure, you ask? A 40 year old woman in the article had a hymenoplasty done as part of a gift to her husband on their 17th wedding anniversary. "It's the ultimate gift for a man who has everything".

Ahem. Ultimate gift. So, it's really not golf in mexico. Or DNA storage. It's a repaired hymen. Funny, don't think I've ever seen that one at the top of a wish list before.

I don't think the Wall Street Journal is going to write any articles about the "ultimate gift for a woman who has everything", so I thought I'd put a short one together for us. Men, pay attention:

Anything to add, let me know!

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At 12/20/2005 11:47 AM, Blogger Bitch on Heels said...

mad skills. love that. good soapbox to get on A.


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